Meet Our Family
Lee Walker
Owner & Director

Lee was 20 years old when he went to his first American Summer Camp in upstate New York, Lee made such strong relationships with staff and kids alike he was lucky enough to work 8 consecutive summers, learning every aspect of camp life.

In 2008 Lee met Neil Werner, who founded and created the most successful club summer camp management business in the United States, which still thrives today.

After working at summer camps across the United States Lee has always wanted to bring that unique camp spirit and experience to the UK, It has always been his dream to offer children a real taste of an American style summer camp right here at home.

Darren Walker
Owner & Director

Darren attended his first American summer camp when he was 18 years old. He went on to work for a number of summer camps across the United States gaining many years of invaluable experience and knowledge of camp life.

After working at the same summer camp back in 2008 with his twin brother and Neil Werner, an idea was born to bring American style summer camps home to the UK.

It is Darren’s goal that children get the opportunity to experience the true spirit and traditions of an American Style summer camp.

Neil Werner
International Camp Consultant

Neil has been involved in camp life since he was six years old. Neil’s knowledge and business acumen in the summer camp industry has been well documented for the past 30 years. Neil was the driving force and founder of KECamps in 1999. Neil led a team that created the most successful club summer camp management business in the United States that still thrives today.

KECamps was managing 82 Club Summer Camps in 32 states with over 5,000 children per summer and was sold in 2012.

Neil has been a speaker at the CMAA World Conference for Club Managers on “Bringing the Family Back to the Club”. In 2012 after the sale of KECamps, Neil moved into the consulting field to help build Kids Convention Camps which provides Trade shows and Conventions with summer camps services.

As the International Camp Consultant of KCCamps, Neil hopes to create and build the same business model of KECamps in the United Kingdom.

Neil has two children, Madison, 15 and Brady, 13 which he adores more than anything in the world. Neil is also a lifelong New England Patriots Fan.

Sam Hull

Whilst completing his degree in Sports Studies, Sam’s first year of summer camp was in 2000 where he met Neil Werner. During his 6 summers at camp, Sam went on to be Director of Tennis for 3 seasons and Athletic Director for his final summer. After finishing University he worked at ski schools in Switzerland and managed multi-activity holiday camps in Portugal, Italy and the UK in between Summer seasons in the US.

Since 2005 he has worked full time as a Tennis Coach in London, Sydney and now Wiltshire where he is the Head Coach of two award winning tennis clubs. An integral part of all his coaching programmes has been the holiday camps he has led, with many aspects of his experiences in the US integrated into his tennis and multi-sport camps for children of all ages.

Summer Camp was a life changing experience for Sam and he has a passion for engaging children within sport. He works hard to give as many children as possible the chance to participate in fun, varied and exciting programmes. He believes that offering the US Summer Camp experience in the UK is a golden opportunity to engage many more children in sport, as well as providing them with amazing life experiences.